MAXIVAREM LS – Horizontal

MaxiVarem is the bigger version of the famous InterVarem which also offers the same benefits in higher capacity. MaxiVarem helps maintaining pressure in the system, optimizing pump operation, ensuring a water reserve and protecting against water hammer. It can be used in a wide range of applications: water booster systems, irrigation, residential and commercial well water, firefighting systems.

  • Horizontal Multifunctional water tanks
  • Replaceable membrane
  • Available with galvanised or painted flange
  • Red color (blue colour available on demand)
  • Pre-charge pressure 2 bar
  • Capacity 50 – 3000 L
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Item Code Description Capacity (Litres) Max Pressure (Bar) Connection Quantity
US041361CS000000 40L Tank CS Flange 40 10 1”
US051361CS000000 50L Tank CS Flange 50 10 1”
US061361CS000000 60L Tank CS Flange 60 10 1”
US081361CS000000 80L Tank CS Flange 80 10 1”
US101361CS000000 100L Tank CS Flange 100 10 1”
US151461CS000000 150L Tank CS Flange 150 10 1.5”
US201461CS000000 200L Tank CS Flange 200 10 1.5”
US301461CS000000 300L Tank CS Flange 300 10 1.5”